#322 Smoothie review – Innocent Blueberries, Peaches & Apples (Sainsbury’s) “Too much of a good thing” (8.5/10).

Why you should read? Ever been stuck in a hotel room for several weeks, unable to cook anything healthy, feeling the lack of nutrients sap your strength and energy? Perhaps it’s time for a fruity smoothie? Weight loss rating = Medium The Good “Ideal mouthfeel”. “Great value”. “Packaging consistent with brand message”. “Good brand message”. […]

#320 Harpoon Horror movie review (2019) “Strong beginning and ending, but lacking consistency” – (6.0/10).

Introduction Harpoon is a 2019 Horror/Comedy/Thriller movie, according to IMDb. Impact Narration at the beginning was used to introduce the background. This continued at various points throughout, lightening the mood, but more importantly providing a little entertainment to minimise boredom, during less action-packed stages. This enhanced comedy touches, of which some worked well, whilst others […]

#318 West Stow and Hengrave hall 2022, summer day trip –

“West stow Anglo-Saxon village is a great destination if staying in West Suffolk for a day trip. It isn’t terribly expensive, and I would have entered if I wasn’t so poor” … Why you should read? Hello readers, and happy Friday! What could be more fitting than a summer day trip summary from a short […]