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Ever been stuck in a hotel room for several weeks, unable to cook anything healthy, feeling the lack of nutrients sap your strength and energy? Perhaps it’s time for a fruity smoothie?

Weight loss rating = Medium

The Good

“Ideal mouthfeel”.

“Great value”.

“Packaging consistent with brand message”.

“Good brand message”.

“Sweet and natural scent”.

“Natural tang”.

“Reasonable balance”.

“Full flavoured”.

“Consistently natural taste”.

“Smooth texture”.

“Berry character”.

The Bad

“Lack of taste variety”.

“Harsh flavour”.

“Not sweet enough”.

“Harsh aftertaste”.

“Limited practicality”.

“Non session-able”.


The 12 Innocent smoothie reviews we’ve previously written, followed by ratings /10


Energise 9.00, Invigorate 8.75, Berry set go 6.25, Tropical defence 7.75, Berry light 8.75, Bolt from the blue 9.00, Berry protein 8.50, Mangoes, Passion fruits, Apples 7.50, Strawberries and bananas 7.00, Wonder green 6.00, Guavas, Pineapple, Apple 8.25, and Blue spark 8.75 (See sources below).

It’s Friday everyone! … I wish you all, a happy new year!

Today we review number 13 (Blueberries, Peaches & Apples).


Price and practicality

In November 2022, I purchased Blueberries, Peaches & Apples from Sainsbury’s, which provided 750ml fluid, for £1.65 or 165/750= 22p per 100ml. This was a great deal, and I will be surprised if this lasts. Innocent Guavas, pineapples, apples cost £3.95, which equates to 52.6p per 100ml, which is over twice the price. It was also much cheaper than Innocent Tropical defence at 77p per 100ml, Berry light, and Energise, both costing (67p per 100ml).

Bottle and Branding

The fluid appeared purple, which was combined effectively with the lighter soft pinks on the white label.

The fact the packaging was totally recyclable was consistent with the “Naturally Good” brand message. I approve of the Eco-friendly brand messages, especially in the current global situation regarding climate change …

Smoothies for weight loss

According to Oxford reference, weight loss is a process involving negative energy balance which means less energy is eaten through food and drink calories, than is used “burnt off“.

2 key weight loss aspects are:

1 Fullness (lack of temptation to eat further calories after a meal) (Brown, 2018).

2 Energy content (how light a meal is regarding amount of energy contained within) (Brown, 2018).

Protein is more filling than carbohydrate, which is more filling than fat. Therefore drinks higher in protein and lower in fat are more filling, and therefore better for weight loss (Hermsdorff, Volp and Bressan, 2007).

All fruits also contain lots of water, assisting fullness (Valente, 2019). When fruits contain viscous fiber, this in addition to water, helps fill the stomach, thus increasing fullness.

This suggests fruits containing lots of fibre, protein, and water, are more filling than those with greater proportions of carbohydrates, and are better for weight loss, since they reduce temptation to consume further calories (Valente, 2019; Hermsdorff, Volp and Bressan, 2007).

According to a PhD registered dietitian, guavas are a weight-loss friendly fruit, since they are both filling, and low in energy (calories)(Brown, 2018).

Health benefits main fruits (750ml)

3 Most common ingredients

1 Apple (62%)

Apple is the most abundant fruit here, which is low in vitamins and minerals, but compensates with it’s high antioxidant and fibre content, slowing sugar absorption, increasing feelings of fullness, and improving digestion. The antioxidants are also beneficial for blood sugar control, and heart health.

2 Banana (1.5)

Banana contains far more potassium than apple and pear, which is needed for muscle contraction, and controlling the amount of water inside your body building blocks or “cells”. Banana is also high in vitamin C, which helps your body produce connective tissues, with almost double the amount found in Apple.

3 Pear (0.5)

Pear is rich in copper, which plays a vital role in the immune system, helping reduce inflammation (Wartenberg, 2019).


Blueberries, Peaches & Apples contains 1.1g of fibre per 100ml, and 0.4g protein per 100ml.

Total weight loss ingredients = 1.1+0.4 = 1.5g per 100ml.

Comparison to other drinks

Weight loss

1.3g weight loss friendly ingredients per 100ml of Blue spark, means that Blueberries, Peaches & Apples contains more weight loss friendly ingredients overall than this, including slightly more fibre and protein individually.

Innocent Guavas, Pineapples, Apples had 1.1g per 100ml fibre, and 1.0g per 100ml Protein. Blueberries, Peaches & Apples therefore has the same amount of fibre, but less protein.

This means today’s smoothie is more weight loss friendly than Blue spark, but less weight loss friendly than Guavas, Pineapples, Apples.

Energy comparison

Blueberries, Peaches & Apples contains 53 calories per 100ml. Slightly less than Blue spark at 54 calories per 100ml.

This means Blueberries, Peaches & Apples provides 53/2000 =2.65% Adult Daily calorie requirement per 100ml.

Weight loss rating = Medium


Instantly a sweet dance of natural berries emerged, highlighting a very indulgent, yet pleasant summer fruits type scent. This scent had reasonable strength initially, gradually fading away between inhalation’s. Whilst strong, it cut off quickly.


The taste quickly hit my palette as tart fruit, providing considerable natural tang, which blended later with some sweetness. It had consistently natural flavour. Acidity began a little too strong for the level of sweetness, so I would suggest sweetness was slightly lacking for my taste. The drink overall still had reasonable balance however. As I continued, the indulgence level of this full flavoured drink, became clear. It was certainly rich, considering the 750ml bottle size. Mouthfeel was only moderate, but this was ideal, considering the flavour fullness. The drink acidity level made the drink appear fairly harsh in terms of flavour and texture, however texture was actually very smooth, with no unpleasant large bits or anything to stick between your teeth.

I have to say the drink had a lot of character, as it really represented the berries nicely, however the peaches and apples got rather lost, reducing taste variety.

The aftertaste remained for a while as a reasonably harsh acidity, until I swallowed several times.

With the 750ml bottle size, practicality was limited, since flavour fatigue set in quickly, due to flavour richness, and lack of taste variety. For this reason, it’s also non session-able.


“Too much of a good thing”.

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Hermsdorff, H.H., Volp, A.C. and Bressan, J. (2007) ‘O perfil de macronutrientes influencia a termogênese induzida pela dieta e a ingestão calórica [Macronutrient profile affects diet-induced thermogenesis and energy intake]’, Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutrición, 57(1), pp. 33-42.

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Wartenberg, L. (2019) ‘Health and Nutrition Benefits of Pears’. Available at: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/benefits-of-pears (Accessed: 13th November 2022). 

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    1. Probably stating the obvious but this review is from U.K. geographically that is certainly in Europe. I am not sure what country you are in but I would suggest if it cannot be sourced that you take note of similar products in terms of fruit used, and comparing branding 🙂


  1. As a short story writer, I can appreciate the thorough and informative review of the Innocent smoothie. It’s interesting to see the breakdown of the ingredients and their potential health benefits, as well as the comparison to other smoothies in terms of price and taste. It’s also great to see the eco-friendly aspect of the packaging being addressed. Overall, it seems like a well-rounded and tasty choice for those looking for a fruity smoothie.

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  2. nicely done! my fave thing was reading your personal insights – as for me, I find that drinking a meal isn’t enough for me – I still feel hungry afterward. smoothies are delish but not a meal for me…

    Liked by 1 person

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