Why you should read? Don’t do this on your first date! My first ever date discussed below!


I haven’t previously reflected on this date, but it was my first, and it is Valentine’s Day. Hopefully it’s entertaining! It’s Worcester U.K. 2016. My sweaty palms were slightly shaky as I sat, sipping a hopefully numbing drink….

She entered, the barman stated “you look nice, what can I get you” …

MARK 1 red buzzer (-1) Should’ve stood up sooner….

I began playing it casual, asking how she was. I offered a more specific complement of “I like your trainers”.

Brain update

At this point, I was too excited… I’d invited numerous girls out before via text or Facebook chat (messenger was almost becoming a thing!). This was the first time anyone agreed. At 20 years old, you can see this had been a while coming… I was already overthinking the physical aspect of relationships, as (face palm central), I’d never kissed a girl before!

She looked great! Totally nailed dressing fully in black …

I went fairly casual. At least my black jumper was in-keeping though …


So when I’m nervous, I love to talk about topics I’m knowledgeable about, attempting rapport building. I’ve since learnt, Parasitology and Cell anatomy aren’t great first date topics … I of course knew this, but assumed silence would be too awkward. We discussed cycling, which she shared a family member quite liked, again it was my interest though. She mentioned music, I failed to explore this enough …

MARK 2 red buzzer (-1) Good to share interests, but leave obscure topics beyond first date, and don’t elaborate in forensic detail when you share them; No one cares, not even you … It’s not all about your coping strategies, calm down, speak about her interests too!


Naturally, I offered to pay, and we took it in turns to buy rounds. She appeared happy with this. This lead to a helpful level of “no longer being fully sober”.

MARK 1 green buzzer (+1) Calm it Casanova! – I think offering to pay, makes you a gentleman. If people want to go halves, then accept that, as respecting others is all about compromise, and finding that happy medium.

Sealing the deal

Reaching agreement is sometimes necessary professionally, but can also be personally, enabling clear relationship boundaries for future dates. “Maybe see you again soon”, wasn’t my finest date closer, probably suggesting I didn’t really want to see her again. This couldn’t have been more wrong. I also didn’t attempt a cheeky peck…

Okay, okay, it probably wasn’t the right time anyway, but I must say, if I could go back in time, I may have attempted this. Not if I felt the same as I did then though…

MARK 3 red buzzer (-1) Where was the “minimum hug, maximum cheek peck” …. Ghghfjd! Where was it??

Also, it would’ve been better to clarify future expectations i.e. “Why don’t we go bowling tomorrow”? This would’ve been 20x better than “maybe see you again” … Even “text me later”, would’ve been slightly better …


I’ve had dates since, trying many things differently. I think it’s important to recognise that life does go like the above sometimes, and people aren’t perfect. The beauty is in learning and developing …

Overall (-2/10). Room for improvement! Nonetheless, enjoyable afternoon. Lovely to experience a first EVER date… The 20 year wait was worth it …

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Whether single or married, no one is ever truly alone. Follow, Like, Comment, keep in touch:)

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  1. This is such an honest and cute post! People react and respond differently but here’s a suggestion – It never hurts to get to know a person a little before taking that plunge. Makes it less awkward. Hey, we are only human! No one gets it right the first time. A learning experience for all as people are always diverse. 😊

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