Aintree Grand National Ladies Day is a day for the ladies to dress up in colourful dresses and hats. It features fashion and fame, with some well known grand national horse racing. This occurs tomorrow !

Ticket cost 

To get a ticket, you’d need £53-126 at the ready, depending on which stand you wanted. 

Style award

One award, the “Style award”, is assessed by fashion representatives walking amongst spectators in the Red rum garden. 


Celebrities like Adele Roberts from BBC radio 1, is due to DJ after the racing. Other celebrities also sometimes make appearances, representing the “fame” element. 


There are 7 horse races on ladies day this year, including: The Mildmay Novices’ Steeple Chase, The William Hill Handicap Hurdle, The Top Novices’ Hurdle, The Marsh Steeple Chase, The Randox Supports Race Against Dementia Topham Chase, The Cavani Menswear Sefton Novices’ Hurdle, and finally, the Abersoch Land and Sea Handicap Hurdle race. 


Ladies day is an excellent day out, to take in some entertainment, fashion, and racing.


Aintree Grand National Ladies Day 2023 | GrandNational.Org.UK

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