Growth of Good Friday 


Good Friday is on Friday 7th April 2023, but this date changes each year. 

Time for growth 

There was a “belief that anything planted on Good Friday was certain to grow”. 

Whilst online sources recognise the evidence for Good Friday being a good day for plants to grow is more spiritual, than scientific, we examine the reasons behind this idea. 

How did it start ?

This tradition may have started in Ireland, since in the 1600’s, Europeans believed potatoes could be evil, therefore they started planting them on Good Friday in ground sprinkled with holy water, to protect themselves from bad luck. 

In cooler USA regions, potatoes grow on this date well, and are the exception. 

In other regions, more diverse crops are planted on this date. 

Religious significance ? 

“Many believe this stems from the symbolism of Good Friday and Easter. Easter represents the resurrection of Christ and in ancient times, the holiday was known to many cultures as a symbol of fertility and rebirth” (Kanuckel, 2022). 

Easter symbols 

The Easter fertility symbol can be seen in many iconic aspects of Easter, such as hot cross buns, with the cross depicting the horns of the Saxon fertility ox goddess. The egg’s also a symbol of fertility and new life. Before Christianity, eggs were painted in various colours.

The Norse goddess Ostara symbols, include the hare and the egg, also representing fertility.


Easter is now dominated by chocolate and gifts, but I hope the above gives you some insight into the juicier parts of Easter history. 

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  1. This past weekend sure did seem like the right time to start planting. I saw on the news due to the high price of eggs here many people were painting potatoes instead of eggs this year here….??? Anyways we hope you had a nice Easter!

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