#337 Happy Easter ! 

Growth of Good Friday  Introduction  Good Friday is on Friday 7th April 2023, but this date changes each year.  Time for growth  There was a “belief that anything planted on Good Friday was certain to grow”.  Whilst online sources recognise the evidence for Good Friday being a good day for plants to grow is more […]

#302 Under the silver lake (2018) (Crime/Drama/Mystery) movie review “Cleverly thought-provoking and somewhat psychological Horror/Romance” -(8.0/10).

Why you should read? Are you a fan of variety including: Romance, Mysteries, Setting changes, Pets, and Horror mechanisms in thought-provoking, and somewhat psychological movies? Then look no further… Introduction  According to IMDb, Under the Silver lake is a 2018 (Crime/Drama/Mystery) movie.  Impact  The unusual features early on, with some low level gore and character […]