Jaws 1 vs 2 – My thoughts – “Watch the whole of the first, and the final 40 minutes of the second”.



With the Jaws horror movie series totally new to me, I’ve decided to give my thoughts in prose, for each. I have attested my honest opinion, on what is good and bad, without analysing deeply. This post is more “My thoughts”, rather than a full review …

Today I bring you my thoughts on Jaws 1 vs 2.

Jaws 1 – My thoughts (8.5/10) (1975)

The tension built by the music immediately began the tone. Within 10 minutes there was plenty of action, and the movie felt well considered regarding tension-building effects, from the off. The visuals were as striking as the sounds, making this a great shark horror.

Whilst the movie felt a tad long at times, (particularly after the first half an hour), suspense was built up using the storyline, aswell as the effects.

The final hour was clever and suspenseful constantly. It reminded me a little of “The Reef”, yet the creativity shown kept the storyline highly entertaining.

Jaws 2 – My thoughts (7.5/10) (1978)

Confusion and disorientation fulfilled key roles here, much like in the original, creating tension well. The opening failed to replicate the level of horror despite this, that was present in the first film.

The storyline was also slower to begin, without the hook of the original to setup the movie. Whilst good psychological elements were incorporated into the storyline, sustained action was lacking as was originality.

I felt a little bored between events, yet adrenaline did begin to flow at certain times, keeping the movie “Good”.

The final 40 minutes had sufficient action. For the time of release, I suspect the effects were as good as they could be, although by modern standards more realism could have heightened the fear factor further.


The original Jaws film somehow managed to capture fear and tension, almost entirely throughout the film. It did have dull points, but considering the limited special effects available, it certainly hit the spot for a great shark horror, even by today’s criteria.

The second couldn’t live up to this, and lacked action for too long. The final 30 minutes were strong though.

Take home

“Watch the whole of the first and the final 40 minutes of the second”.

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