Sharkwater vs Sharkwater: Extinction

“Shows how important sharks are, in a highly emotive way”.


With the Sharkwater movie series totally new to me, I’ve decided to give my thoughts in prose, for each. I have attested my honest opinion, on what is good and bad, without analysing deeply. This post is more “My thoughts”, rather than a full review …

Today I bring you my thoughts on Sharkwater, and Sharkwater: Extinction. These are 2 factual movies showing how the shark fin industry is killing the ocean ecosystems, and how this has a knock on effect to us all.

Sharkwater – My thoughts (9/10) (2006)

A thoroughly different movie to usual. This is a factual documentary which may totally change your outlook on sharks. The shark here, is the star of the show, rather than the villain. Furthermore, the film illustrates how safe sharks actually are.

Despite this, it also features footage of shark hunting, and information showing just how dire the situation is for these magnificent animals.

It certainly has the power to tug at your heart strings, and make you want to intervene, to improve the situation for all marine life. Thankfully it’s production appears to have inspired many, to peacefully protest.

Sharkwater: Extinction – My thoughts (9/10) (2018)

This was more powerful than the original due to persistent action, and more highly emotive footage. It had a twist at the end too. The only thing missing, was the factual boards shown in the original.

It was a shame that people continued to flout rules in search of ill-gotten gains,all at the expense of the sharks. Again, this was a truly stunning spectacle which will live long in the memory.

The ending was particularly poignant too.


Both these documentaries are truly fascinating, not just “because” of the wildlife, but because of how important every creature is to human life aswell. It’s virtually impossible to pick a favourite, as both movies were very powerful. If I had to choose one though, Extinction would clinch it.

Take home

“Shows how important sharks are, in a highly emotive way”.

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