Insidious horror comparison

Insidious 1 (9/10) vs Insidious: Chapter 2 (7/10)


My pick

“For horror, the original walks it. For mystery lovers, you could be forgiven for enjoying the second aswell. For me, the first wasn’t boring at all, yet the second was at times”.


From 4th July in the UK, pubs and restaurants can reopen amongst many other businesses. Swimming pools, Indoor gyms, and theatres though, remain closed.

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With the same creator studio as the Purge and Paranormal activity, what better way to continue my movie series comparisons, than with the spine-tingling horror series of Insidious; This studio is called “Blumhouse productions”. The word “insidious”, refers to something which slowly develops. Something that appears to be fine, but is actually very harmful.

This implies hiding, which is a key feature of any suspenseful horror.


Insidious (2010)- (Horror/Mystery/Thriller) (9/10)


Good points

  • Eerie piano chords help lift tension quickly.
  • Unusual happenings were quite innovative.
  • Sound and emotions came together well.
  • Camera shots made things very believable.
  • Familiar things were made scary.
  • Possession concept was explored well.
  • Nail biting ending had a twist.

Bad points

  • Setting the scene took too long.
  • Opening was quite banal.
  • Limited shocking scenes were present.


Insidious started slowly, but continuously built suspense throughout the movie, to a great climax at the end. I was pretty glued to this one throughout.


Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) (Horror/Mystery/Thriller) (7/10)

Good points

  • Hooks you in early.
  • Links the first to the second film.
  • Sets the scene well.
  • Hides faces, increasing tension.
  • Cliff hanger present at the end.
  • A few early parts were clarified later.

Bad points

  • Plot quite predictable.
  • Fear factor, reduced throughout.
  • Lack of action in parts.
  • Too much focus on mystery, rather than horror.
  • Ending didn’t feel scary.


What started with promise, soon turned into a mystery movie. A let down, rather than the tense horror film it promised to be. I felt underwhelmed, after the opening.


Insidious: Chapter 2 admittedly challenges your brain, more as a mystery plot. Sadly, it fails to deliver the fear factor. This detracts from the quality of the movie, making some parts boring. It also requires the viewer to put in the effort, to keep up with the  elaborate plot.

The original naturally sucks you in after a dull opening, gradually building tension effectively, to a pretty epic finale. It reflects effortless enjoyment.

My Pick

“For horror, the original walks it. For mystery lovers, you could be forgiven for enjoying the second aswell. For me, the first wasn’t boring at all, yet the second was at times”.

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