The Strange House 2020 crime movie review – “A well thought out film with humour and darker themes, not a Horror though” – (6.5/10).


The strange house is a 2020 Netflix crime movie. 


Although it isn’t classed as a Horror, it had the setup of a classic Horror film. The opening featured many Horror mechanisms, such as temptation and mystery. Temptation works well in Horrors such as IT, for the clown Pennywise. 

Eerie music was used in times of darkness too, contrasting well to the picturesque mountainous backdrop, often seen in sunshine during the day. The way the music was distorted in moments of darkness, was also quite clever.

Characters outside the main group, came across as cold in personality, and odd in speech and facial expression. Within the main characters, denial was well applied, alongside symbolism. This allowed the mystery element to develop well. 

There was the occasional bit of comedy, which worked effectively. Scary voices and environments were also used to good effect, to improve flow, following slower moments.

Whilst the focus wasn’t on Horror, this was only apparent due to lack of tension building. Mechanisms displayed, whilst diverse and potentially effective, weren’t built up in combination to a climax, consequently, there were no effective shock moments. 

The ending was quite clever and unexpected though.


A well thought out film with humour and darker themes, not a Horror though. 

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