Zombieland: Double tap (2019) Horror review – “Not a Horror, watchable as an action, due to improvements towards the end though” – (5.5/10).


Zombieland: Double tap is a 2019 (Action/Horror/Comedy) movie. 


Narration provided a clear understanding of events. The plot emphasised Comedy, which wasn’t bad at times, but fell flat too often to be the sole focus of the film. Zombies barely featured till at least 30 minutes in, and when they did, nothing scary or tense occurred. The film genre seemed confused since, whilst billed as a Horror, it tried harder at Comedy.

Either way the film lacked Action and Horror mechanisms early on, resulting in lack of viewer fear and entertainment.

After one slightly amusing action-packed scene, I was tempted to stick with it. 

The ending was surprisingly action-packed, concluding the storyline well. It was heart felt, yet didn’t contribute anything to the Horror genre. The ending rescued the film however, to the point of being worth a watch for those into action-packed movies.


“Not a Horror, watchable as an action, due to improvement towards the end”.

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