Happy Death Day 2U (2019) review – “Few funny moments, interesting concept” (6/10). 


What better way to spend your St. Patrick’s day afternoon than by watching a Horror ? 

Yes, I know you’re reading this way after that, but it was relevant as I wrote this, so give me the benefit of the doubt please. 

Enjoy the Horror “Happy Death Day 2U” review here …

Happy Death Day 2U is a 2019 (Comedy/Horror/Mystery) movie. 

Horror Impact 

The comical title is quickly realised, although the opening doesn’t hint of horror themes, like most good Horror movies would. 

A mystery is established which engages the viewer, but again the mystery isn’t introduced in a scary way, suggesting the absence of Horror in the movie opening. 

Dreaming is used, to alter perception of reality, and the film springs into life after a while, using psychological mechanisms as a good Horror should. 

Whilst a clever plot emerges, it eliminates the Horror element of danger, only permitting violence with weapons. 

Violence is used though, although tension building isn’t carried out effectively. 

Whilst there were frequent scene changes, the plot becomes too serious, with less comedy. This isn’t accompanied by fear factor though, resulting in an action film which loses it’s grip on the Horror and comedy. 

Whilst the unexpected does feature, this isn’t enough to make the mystery element succeed alone. The film becomes a bit messy and complex, without increasing enjoyment. The number of twists and turns becomes confusing, and didn’t appeal to my taste. 


“Few funny moments, interesting concept, but not good at being a Horror” 

Take home 

Few funny moments, interesting concept. 

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