Case 39 (2009)  (Horror/Mystery/Thriller) review – “Don’t miss this whilst on Netflix. Poignant spectacle !!“- (9/10). 


Had a long week ?? Unwind with the Horror “Case 39” review here …

Case 39 is a 2009 (Horror/Mystery/Thriller) movie. 

Horror Impact 

The scene is set well with a catchy introduction. Characters are easy to warm to, and the film progresses nicely. The story is at times shocking, with some violence, and plenty of gore.

The themes appear more Dark thriller than Horror initially, but I think this helps the quality of the story, as many Horrors just focus on fear factor. 

It keeps the viewer engaged through relationships and emotions, which helps the viewers’ attachment to some characters develop. 

As the plot thickens, it becomes difficult to tell who you should align with, and who represents right and wrong. 

Tension is built through sound and violence throughout, and the film becomes highly engaging. 

The psychological elements strengthen the plot, necessitating viewer thought, by constantly challenging the notion of innocent stereotypes. 

The storyline continuously becomes darker and darker, till things are highly thrilling. 

The fact that the presentation of evil is separate from the source, provides an interesting level of similarity to the concept of the  Saw movies. This is something I rarely have seen, and highlights a good Horror due to the fact that it makes evil difficult to identify, and the element of surprise easier to pull off. 

Even the ending was highly striking and tense. 


A truly thrilling spectacle. Lots of clever Horror and psychological mechanisms. 

Take home 

“Don’t miss this whilst on Netflix. Poignant spectacle !!”.

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