Prom Night (2008) Horror/Mystery review “Lightly enjoyable Horror”- (6.5/10). 


Had a long week ?? Unwind with the Horror “Prom night” review here …

Prom night is a 2008 (Horror/Mystery) movie. 

Horror Impact 

Sometimes it’s the simple things… The film wasn’t for those into complex, or exciting storylines. It’s low budget, as you’d expect. Gore wasn’t the best. The storyline was clear and easy to understand though, if a little basic. 

Whilst tension-building also wasn’t the best, scenes were dramatic at times. Unfortunately, they lacked good special effects.

I guess the main drawback of the film was a simple plot, but for the Horror fan I have seen far worse films with more complex storylines, which seem to make no sense.

The violent scenes here, whilst basic in setup and effects, did work better than expected, due to their sudden nature and intensity. 

Vulnerability was cleverly setup so that individuals were exposed to evil, where they had little protection or chaperoning. 

The impact of sound in the physical surroundings certainly improved as the film progressed, perhaps because such settings became darker and scarier. Volume  contrasted better too, and the film became considerably more captivating than it began, or than I expected. 

I feel this film therefore isn’t as bad as ratings suggest, and is quite an easy and lightly enjoyable watch. 


I feel this film therefore isn’t as bad as the ratings suggest, and is quite an easy and lightly enjoyable watch. 

Take home 

Lightly enjoyable Horror 

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