Sweetheart (2019) (Adventure/Horror/Mystery) review – “Started slowly, but built up well to a good climax” -(8/10). 


What better way to spend your lighter evenings than by watching a Horror ? 

Okay, walking in the sunshine with friends is good, but you can’t beat a good solitary thrill …

Enjoy the Horror “Sweetheart” review here …

Sweetheart is a 2019 (Adventure/Horror/Mystery) movie.


The start was good, featuring dramatic music and an unusual setting. Sounds were used effectively, to build tension at appropriate times. Effects could’ve been used better. No darkness or evil was revealed early on. 

After too long, evil was finally unveiled with dramatic music, a bit late in the film for me…

Emotions and darkness began to be used with better effect, providing a sense of danger closer to home, than during the opening. 

This sense of danger grew through the mid part of the film, accompanied by a simple, yet clear, storyline. 

The ending was very good, including violence, tension, and drama. 


“Started slowly, but built up well to a good climax”. 

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Photo credit https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2487584/sweetheart-the-monster-and-ending-explained

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