Cambridge – Take care of yourself readers 

Perhaps it is one of those days. The kind that make you reflect and think I am honestly too tired to focus on anything productive.

Having strolled along the streets of Cambridge, weaving in and out of cars and bicycles, a sunny Saturday is a day that typically fills me with ambition and drive. 

What can I do today, write, walk, complete another form ? 

Often things like these help to pass the time, but today wasn’t one of those days. It was a day to just walk and think. A day to reflect on what I have achieved already in my life, and not to think where I may have been if I’d made a different choice. 

We must standby the choices we make in life, and it is okay to have the odd day where you arn’t actively trying to save the world. Rest is seldom built into modern lives, yet serves a key purpose to reduce stress and maybe helps us live longer.

My time here working at the hospital has been insightful. Sometimes you see patients who are really suffering which draws all of your mental energy to just see them there, wanting to help but sometimes feeling you are unable to. 

What I must say is it is okay to be learning and developing in a new career, it is okay to retire. It is also okay to be looking for a job and not move out until after you are 12 years old. There are no actual deadlines in life. There is nothing you can “not do” that is going to kill you. Take the time to mentally recover from whatever stresses you have, and be happy to be alive and well. 

I think trying hard is as key to success as knowing when not to. It’s all a game of choice, luck and keeping yourself going, whatever that means … 

Hope you all have a super weekend, which doesn’t need to be super action-packed. 

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