Woodgate reserve 2019 West Country vintage Cider review – “Not unpleasant, but a bit too tart, particularly on the aftertaste”- (6.0/10).  

The Good 

“Light carbonation”.

“Good price

“Good practicality”.

“Medium mouthfeel”. 


The Bad 

“Harsh taste”.

“Too acidic”.

“Limited scent”.

“No dryness”.

“Acidic aftertaste”

“Not enough sweetness”. 

“No uniqueness”. 

“No backstory or website”. 


“Not woody”. 


The packaging implied vintage due to the single years harvest comment on the bottle front. Sadly there was no backstory on the bottle. Each bottle contains 500ml  at 7.3%, providing 3.7 units. I purchased one from Lidl for £1.15. This suggests good value and good practicality, since 3.7 falls between the governments old “Do not regularly exceed” range for men of 3-4 units daily. 

Since there was no specific website, taste expectations were near impossible to come by. I therefore decided to go in completely open. 


I decided to sample without expectations. 


A very faint scent of apple emerged, but didn’t last long. It wasn’t unpleasant, if underwhelming. 


Carbonation was very light. Acidity was noticeable, and the overall taste was tart. 

Sweetness seemed a little lacking to balance the acidity, so balance wasn’t achieved.

Taste began quite smooth, but the tartness created a slightly harsh aftertaste.

Mouthfeel was medium, since it certainly wasn’t thick and syrupy. 

Aftertaste lasted for a short while, and felt far more acidic. 

Nothing present was especially characterful or unique, which was a shame after the assertion of slow maturation on the bottle. There was also no woodiness. 

Whilst it was too tart, it was session-able as the taste wasn’t overpowering. 


Not unpleasant, but a bit too tart, particularly on the aftertaste. 

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