Deep Blue Sea 3 (2020) movie review – “Not realistic or shocking, had plenty of action for light entertainment though” – (6.0/10). 


What better way to spend your lighter evenings than by watching a Horror ? 

Okay, walking in the sunshine with friends is good, but you can’t beat a good solitary thrill …

Enjoy the Horror sequel “Deep Blue Sea 3” review here …

Deep Blue Sea 3 is a 2020 (Action/Horror/Sci-fi) movie.


The introduction was a little too positive, but at least it set the scene, providing a reason for the physical context of the characters. There was some great natural scenery, inspiring a nice island holiday for me in the future … Well, we can only dream. 

Except for some low pitched sounds, tension was totally absent. The film clearly didn’t wish to be taken too seriously, since it was almost comical the decisions characters made. Not realistic at all !

It had sufficient side storylines and action, to be lightly entertaining though. More than can be said for some Horrors !

The element of surprise became a little better later on, featuring unusual built surroundings, which made it harder to anticipate when and where attacks would emerge from. Evil wasn’t overly scary, since it was largely in clear view from a distance. The viewer didn’t feel totally involved therefore.

The focus could have been more on viewer fear, rather than destruction. I feel this would have improved audience experience, for those Horror fans at least. Emotions weren’t deep within this film, but were used to some avail in places. 

The ending actually possessed a surprising twist, which compensated for the somewhat obvious successful predictions, of what was going to happen next.

Some closer camera shots, lower light level scenes, and more genuinely deep emotional expression, would have helped believability. 


“Not realistic or shocking, had plenty of action for light entertainment though”. 

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