Deep Blue Sea 2 – “Full of action, but no entertainment or Horror. Deep Blue Sea 3 is much better.” – (5/10).


Get your Friday started with this Horror review of Deep Blue Sea 2 !!

Deep Blue Sea 2 is a 2018 Action/Horror/Sci-fi movie. 


The film opening was action-packed, with camera shaking and unusual behaviour attempting to increase tension. It didn’t work however, as there was no element of surprise when it really mattered. 

Despite a lack of tension, the opening laid down a good storyline, one tantamount to the original movie. 

Graphics were stunning throughout, which was further helped by frequent environment changes, some of which were unusual. 

Sadly, the main part of the film lacked tension-building. There were however frequent scenery changes, and the scene was clearly set. Eventually the movie became a bit like Bait (2012), but progressed too slowly to retain attention. 

Whilst the storyline had quite a few unexpected events, they didn’t compensate for the lack of tension throughout. I feel this is partly due to character emotions not coming across as genuine, and partly due to lack of contrast between peaceful and dramatic moments. Events that should have been thrilling, were just not believable.

I really wanted to enjoy this movie, but it just fell flat, despite an interesting concept.

The ending was very predictable and not worth the wait …


Full of action, but no entertainment or Horror. Deep Blue Sea 3 is much better. See Deep Blue Sea 3 review below …

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