Joyride 2001 movie review – “Tense, entertaining, with a twist at the end. Not dated one bit …” (8.5/10). 

The Good 

“Effective tension-building”.

“Good storyline”.

“Twist at the end”.

“Not dated”.

“Light comedy”.

The Bad 

“Only one source of evil”.

“Characters weren’t the most interesting”.


Joyride is a 2001 Action/Mystery/Thriller, according to IMDb.

Horror impact 

The scene was set well, with romantic themes included alongside horror and mystery, providing a positive atmosphere. This resulted in good contrast between happier and more sinister scenes, later on in the movie. 

Viewer interest was retained with frequent setting changes, and tension. 

Tension was built well with not only suspicious sounds, but frequent volume changes of both background music and speech, lighting shifts, and close ups of facial expressions.

Supporting this, the notion of vulnerability was used well. 

After this tension, false alarms, or gore often featured, allowing the tension to continue at a higher level for the remainder of the film. Fear of the unknown was used well regarding the location of the culprit, much like the element of surprise included in shark attack movies. This kept the audience guessing, allowing shocks to emerge, and tension to be built more easily.

Aswell as tension, whilst subtle, comedy was also included, but didn’t detract from darker themes. Rarely do I find a film which maintains a storyline and tension throughout, but this film managed it very well. 


Tense, entertaining, with a twist at the end. Not dated one bit …

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