Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead (2008) movie review – “Entertaining, with more elaborate Horror mechanisms than the original” (8.5/10).

The Good 

“Story links to the prequel”.

“Good contrast from happy to sad scenes”.

“Clear expectations”.

“Manipulation used well”.

“No dull pauses”.

“Sense of being followed”.

“Frequent gore”.

“Emotional and physical torture used well”.

“Twist at the end”.

The Bad 

“Less fear of the unknown than in the original ”.

“Not much mystery”.

“Emotions not always believable”.

“Ending not believable”.


Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead is a 2008 Horror movie, renamed Roadkill 2. 

Horror impact 

From the very start weather was contrasted effectively from Horror scenes, to happier ambience. The link to the prequel was established early, which acted to increase viewer awareness of what to expect. 

Manipulation was used well, and events unfolded without dull pauses. 

Much like in the first Joyride movie, the sense of being followed was used well. 

Evidence of the baddies sadistic nature was clear, with gore featuring frequently. 

Fear of the unknown wasn’t used as well as in the original, since the concept used was too similar to the original. This made the source of evil predictable.

Emotions were portrayed better than in the original, yet weren’t always believable. 

Less mystery was present after the baddies appearance was revealed, since this was a bit too early. Emotional and physical torture was used well to increase tension. Additionally, there was at twist at the end, although this wasn’t very believable. 


“Entertaining, with more elaborate Horror mechanisms than the original”. 

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