I’m not one to boast,

and recently it seems, 

Before myself, stands a wall to my dreams …

One step by one, 

When you’re feeling glum, 

Read reasea reviews, 

To have way more fun …

19k views, may seem not much, 

Perhaps to some readers, 

I may have lost touch, 

I’ve posted on here, 

For 1688 days,

So maybe cider, travel, film reviews, 

Arn’t the latest craze …

But that never stops me, 

And yes I must say, 

I feel pretty proud, to form part of your day …

The persistent reader, 

Who devotes some precious time, 

To reading some facts, opinions or rhymes …

Why you keep reading, is a mystery to me,

So please make some comments, to help me see,

The content you like,

The things you want more,

So I can bring it weekly,

And you know what’s in store …

But jokes aside, there is something to say, 

With one horrid virus, afflicting your day,

With all ones successes, comes day to day life, 

Throwing regular challenges, restricting your drive …

But failures don’t define us, yet learning can, 

And what constitutes success, may not apply to all man,

So take a minute to consider just now,

And think of something to develop or shout …

Hold on to that, and in time you’ll see, 

A clearer picture, of what’s meant to be,

And as it gets clearer, step by step in your mind …

Stay humble, and in your own way thrive…

Enjoy your weekend, in the best way you can, 

Perhaps write a blog, for 19,000 fans !!!

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