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With my last seaside trips to Great Yarmouth and Worthing in 2019, needless to say it had been a while … Reasons I suppose include uncertainty about Covid rules, travel being banned and a busy university and work schedule. After writing a lengthy essay and battling through some work placements, it was clear that I would benefit from a change of context. 

a) Before 

Essence of adventure was apparent in leaving my house, a couple of hours later this turned into the worst smelling toilets in the world. This wasn’t the issue though. There had been too many insignificant delays, and we all know with huge numbers of insignificance, emerges it’s older brother “significance”. I therefore found myself longing for people to decide whether to alight or not. Do you need this train ? My brain considered whilst glancing at a group of girls who finally announced aloud “This isn’t our train” … Genius !

Despite my best efforts of reading the platform directions of Northbound, Southbound, Eastbound, and Westbound at Farringdon, having swivelled, I then noticed the sign I needed most last. This casually stated “Southbound Brighton”, confirming I had missed the train. 

Whilst relieved there was one just 5 minutes later, the posh announcer lady smugly highlighted what seemed like all the possible stops, before reaching Brighton. A few stops later the train driver comforted us all further, by adding an additional stop due to a signalling fault, or something similar. 

b) Brighton Station Arrival

After all the stops plus one, I arrived pretty much when expected luckily. This was after peering through the rainclouds on the trains approach past Preston park; At this point, I almost hoped for another additional stop before arriving. 

After alighting and escaping the ticket gate, I waited reluctantly whilst surveying the street names. None of these matched my highly detailed, but incorrect directions. After 2 more minutes of mindless staring at street names which meant nothing, my attention turned to regretting not having a hood. 

In weather terms things felt different however, so I began walking and the rain eased off after a few short minutes. This was contrary to the weather forecast, highlighting how there is a God …

A glimmer of blue came through, casting a flashlight onto the seagull screeches. The screeches stirred my inner compass which groaned and rolled out of bed. I began weaving through streets, with piles of rubbish either side of the road. 

The narrow clear path was a commodity, highly prized by abundant walkers, making it still thinner. 

The road was filled with workvans, parked up, or moving. 

The sound of workers hanging out of buildings with their hard hats, always a gregarious mobile phone to chat to.

I knew this wasn’t what I came for. I waited tediously for the relentless traffic to pass, before crossing the road once more. 

c) Coast arrival 

There it was, “ I can see the sea” shouted my inner 2 year old.

I stopped dead, fumbling through the organised clutter in my luggage. Everything competing for little room…

I wielded my tablet I write to you today on, iPad mini, to be precise. 

My arms were directed by the tyrannical flow of the breeze. 

I held firmly, whilst taking my first picture. 

A while later I had seen the sea, the pier, the marina, spoken to a lady about the exceedingly high price for a trip in a glass pod, and accompanied plenty of overly tame seagulls. 

One with a dodgy foot… (See picture attached).

At this point, I claimed a 99 flake ice-cream, then began the climb towards where I suspected my hotel might be. 

My instructions list was from the train station, and I didn’t fancy retracing my steps. 

After a few random left and right turns, the odd word on the street signs had meaning.

Little by little the downs hills emerged like a beacon, echoing the route to the Downs hotel. 

After a few more hills I realised I was reasonably confident I had taken a wrong turn, and after a correction and a few more hills, my hotel appeared. 

d) Hotel Arrival 

Sitting here now I am fed and watered, courtesy of Tesco and “The King of India” apparently, although I didn’t realise he sold curry to people, and am tolerating a lack of functional WIFI in my room. Clearly that must be allowing my creative juices to flow in writing this. 

I didn’t of course just accept this fact, I went into the local hospital to “borrow” their free WiFi, however my iPad being the pedantic fusspot it is, decided that it couldn’t decide if the connection was safe and secure enough to connect…. The wonders of technology. 

That said, it’s allowing me to write this, so I must be kind, to avoid it getting revenge on me through wiping my typing. 


So in summary, Brighton is currently Bright ‘N’ breezy, full of rubbish on the streets, yet also full of very photogenic seagulls and piers, which provide an ideal backdrop for selfies. 

I hope you are keeping well readers and I’ll catch you soon, no doubt. 

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