Bloodline 2018 (Crime/Horror/Thriller) review – “Suspenseful and gory, slow in parts“ – (7/10). 


What better way to spend your lighter evenings than by watching a Horror ? 

Okay, walking in the sunshine with friends is good, but you can’t beat a good solitary thrill …

Enjoy the Horror “Bloodline” review here …

Bloodline is a 2018 (Crime/Horror/Thriller) movie. 


Immediately vulnerability and gore are depicted, allowing the viewer to witness multiple Horror elements. 

Music is eerie since its unusual, and interspersed with dramatic tones. 

This creates suspense well, combining with the above Horror elements. 

Additionally, camera blur is used to obscure evil entities, and is clearly evident. 

Contrast between tense and not-tense is well established, through frequent music volume changes. Darkness is used early on, to create more suspenseful settings. 

Mystery is immediately created, to support Crime and Horror themes. Certainly from the opening, film quality appears high, and the genres are befitted well.

Gore occurs frequently, and emotions begin to be used more as the film progresses. There was a little lull in action before the story got properly underway, which I didn’t feel was entirely necessary or entertaining, but this didn’t last for long, so didn’t impact the film much overall. 

Violence becomes a regular theme, and brutality was used effectively. 

The first movie scene and how it fits into the storyline became clear, which isn’t always the case in films, so was good to see. 

The ending was little disappointing, but had a slight twist opening up the possibility for a Bloodline sequel. 


“Suspenseful and gory, slow in parts”.

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