Dismissed 2017 (Drama/Thriller) review – “More Action, than Thriller, could’ve been developed more”- (6/10). 


What better way to spend your Lighter evenings  than by watching a Thriller ? 

It may be a change from my usual Horror reviews, but let’s see how dark it gets 👻…

Enjoy the Horror “Dismissed” review here …

Dismissed is a 2017 (Drama/Thriller) movie. 


The film creates some mystery, but doesn’t build tension effectively. The plot isn’t bad, as is the case for most Thrillers, yet the Drama seems to fall flat. 

Things drag a little after the scene is set, I can’t help feeling there could’ve been a few more side stories or effects, to liven up events. 

Music and sound is built, and scene changes begin to occur more frequently. 

The story captures a bit of attention, and the film temporarily seems less mediocre. 

Things progress in a similar way. 

Tension building uses sound more effectively than at the start, yet few surprises in the storyline, left me wanting more. 

A lot could’ve been made from this basic storyline, but it needed further development.

The ending was quite dramatic, and possibly the most exciting part of the film. I feel the film did fit the bill as a Drama, but it was more of an Action than Thriller. In terms of Horror, whilst it wasn’t a Horror, it could have easily been made into one. 

Darker themes leant towards this …


“More Action, than Thriller, could’ve been developed more” .

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