Lymedale suites (Room 47)- 7/10 ” Kitchenette with sofa but incessant road noise”.

Lymedale suites hotel review (Room 47) – (7/10) Good ” Kitchenette as part of the room”. ” Bar downstairs easy to access and staff aiming to please”. ” Great standard of cleanliness in and outside your room”. Bad ” Not a great view out of the window”. ” Incessant road noise and non- central location”. […]

New county hotel Gloucester (7.5/10) – “Central and homely lacking luxury slightly”

New county hotel review ( Room 17) ” Well located, homely hotel lacking a few mod cons and luxury” (7.5/10) The good ” great value, friendly staff” ” good provisions including hairdryer and mirror” ” central location and clean room service” ” warm and homely atmosphere and decor” The bad ” TV was a little […]

Premier Classe Coventry hotel review ( Room 6 then 40)- 4.5/10

Premier Classe hotel Coventry ( Room 6 then 40) (4.5/10) A little bit of good ” Working TV, comfortable bed and clearly signposted breakfast prices”. ” Generous and varied tea provisions”. The bad ” Staff may check you into the wrong room”. ” Inconsistent service, poor shower with no provided hairdryer or shampoo, basic facilities, […]

Days Inn Bristol hotel review (Room 123) 4/10 ” Powercuts, occasional practicality with dull setting”

Days inn hotel review Bristol (4/10) ( Room 123) The good “A good price for a pleasant and practical roomspace” The bad ” a good setting, location and modernisation throughout was lacking” The ugly ” Powercut both Friday and Saturday night” The hotel had a distinctly dated feel which was detracted from by the setting […]

Roundhouse Bournemouth Hotel review (Room 320) 7/10

The Roundhouse Bournemouth review ( Room 320) (7/10) “Great value and space with the potential to develop staff service and room equipment” The atmosphere The atmosphere felt a little dry since the hosts did not exude any real enthusiasm or passion and appeared there to execute job obligations rather than to provide a fully fulfilling […]

Mercure 3* hotel Swansea review (Room 145) (8/10)

“Quality, clean and comfy and hospitable without a few practical, luxury splashes. (Room 145)” Mercure hotel Swansea review (Room 145) (8/10) Atmosphere The atmosphere on reception was therapeutic and assisted by the tranquil music. After a long shift, relaxing on the sofas near reception almost lead to a bout of sleep which was very pleasant. […]

Torquay backpackers hostel review (7/10)

Torquay backpackers hostel review ( 7/10) “A spacious, hostel that attempts to appear homely”. The atmosphere From the outset the atmosphere was a little closed. There were clearly people living there who seemed like they had been there forever. It was difficult therefore to integrate effectively into their milieu. The hostel was a little dark […]

Igloo backpackers hostel Nottingham 6 person dorm review (5/10)

Igloo  hostel Nottingham review ( barn 6 man) (5/10) The atmosphere There was a positive atmosphere from the outset in the communal kitchen with a vibrant board of discounts and local places. There were also helpful labels on food items in kitchen cupboards. Co-residents were polite so plenty of socialisation and friend making could take […]