Morgan Horror movie review – “Slow builder, lacked consistent Horror impact” -(6.5/10). 

The Good 

“Some Horror mechanisms used”

“Horror works on occasion”. 

“Interesting plot”.


“Twist at the end”. 

The Bad 

“Slow at times”. 

“Tension seldom built well”. 

“Lack of attachment to characters”. 

“Camera angles could be improved”.

“Not enough horror events”.


Morgan is a 2016 Sci-fi/Horror/ Action movie. 

Horror impact 

Action was present from the word go, with a brutal introductory scene. Tension wasn’t built though, due to the distant camera angle. The scene took a while to be set, and events unfolded a little slowly. 

The plot was interesting, yet the movie was difficult to view as a Horror, due to lack of Horror events in part. 

It took over half a hour for tension to be felt, which related to the vulnerability element. Gore, emotions, and violence emerged, and Horror elements built as the endpoint drew in. 

The ending was clever and action-packed, although lacked any real tension building effect, so the movie returned to presenting a lack of Horror perspective, as witnessed during the first half an hour.


“Slow builder, lacked consistent Horror impact”. 

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