My Worthing adventure 🙂 

Everyone always raves about how good Brighton is to visit, so I didn’t go there …

Worthing was a very creative town to visit. Worthing on arrival didn’t seem like much though. Litter entangled brown fallen leaves. Paintwork appeared flaked and old, on buildings. After a short stroll, I found a church and school. After trying to capture the architecture, I turned to realise a far more elaborate art design on the wall opposite. This made better photos and selfies anyway. In some way I felt guided to this wall. Kinda like I was lured in. 

The trip continued in a similar way. Many things to most, mundane, seemed a little mystic or coincidental. 

I virtually passed the station again, before heading to town ( already burnt off my 99 flake before I knew I was going to have it …). After passing a few shops I reached the centre. 

The art gallery and museum tempted me in with a grand entrance and a lady mentioning it was free to explore. After Newmarket, this was a pleasant surprise.
The museum downstairs had many historical objects as you’d expect, including fossils and mammoth tusk extract. ( I’m sure that is a superfood yet to be discovered).
After signing the children’s “scribblewall”, noticing some humanoid textile statues, and passing the “secret art gallery behind a door” that I was promised by a sign, but to this day I am still yet to find, I headed into quite a strange world. 

Things began as what felt like a creative and historical portrayal of the town, but soon became very odd. Dolls with Pom poms for faces, greeted me from wardrobes, dragons could be seen clambering up walls, an evil looking black statue could be seen in the outside space. I was so on edge I avoided the “education” room, through FEAR of being bored with an overly thorough tour. 

Upstairs was quite the opposite. Again lured in by the gallery of paintings and the exhibits downstairs, I found something more appealing. There was a piece of art you could go inside and observe from 4 separate directions. I went in and immediately felt protected and at home. I’m sure the Bulgarian tourist mob downstairs weren’t that bad, but they were making loads of enthusiastic noise so it was like a sanctuary upstairs in contrast. 

After lots of bad photos and some good ones later, I looked at the figure of Christ and quietly acknowledged to him, that (being alone in the company of Jesus inside a silent statue in a bizarre and bustling art gallery in Worthing, was a little out of my comfort zone). Again it was kind of similar to the church scenario when I arrived. 

I left to the grand traditional exterior, not entirely sure what I had just experienced. After a lap of most of Worthing, I photographed a few more significant buildings including a memorial plaque of a famous actor “Harold Pinter”. I then decided to seek out a snack. After purchasing a 99 flake far more impressive than it’s cone, I sculpted it into a structure which could temporarily maintain posture. 

A short time later, enjoying an icecream in the rain and chilling breeze, I decided to find the hotel quickly, waking up the bats with my ear wrenching travel case being dragged across the coast. It must have caught the attention of some local lads who pretended to kick it. After avoiding the seagangsters, I passed the pier and theatre, admiring all but the air temperature locating my guesthouse 20 BnB’s later. 

Clearly signposted, I knew it was the one. There was a sign on the door saying “no vacancies”, and the way the day was going it wouldn’t have surprised me if I had to sleep in a stable round the back …
one unpack, polite greeting and yappy dog later, I left in my raincoat for a walk further along the coast where the rain settled down and I found Lancing. 

There wasn’t much there as you can see in the pictures, but the marlin weathervane made the trek worthwhile. After returning to the hotel, the garden chimes throughout the night, only tuneful due to the inclement weather, and a film with a random reference to Sussex, made me consider whether everything was just a coincidence. 

Was I alone ? Spooky stuff …

The following day I woke up to my breakfast, and fortunately hadn’t been offered to a higher power in the night. The weather unfortunately remained a quick change act, tormenting me with flecks of blue, and enough grey to dull down my pictures. After a walk to the end of the short pier, and a couple of shops later, I returned to catch my train home. The sky then almost instantly switched to pure blue, always the way …. Bon voyage !

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