Ice age 5 : Collision Course film review (9/10) -“A delightfully humorous edition of a great family adventure. A little predictable, but not in it’s comedy or characters”.

The Good

“Excellently amusing situation comedy”.
“Diverse and distinctive characters”.
“Nicely flowing plot tempo”.
“Lack of dull moments”.
“A few key educational points”.
“Target audience considered”.
‘Family-appropriate jokes”.
“Colourful characters and scenery”.
“Great tension building effects”.
“Distinctive USP”.

The Bad

“Some character groups one-dimensional”.
“Few plot surprises”.
“Predictable ending”.


The storyline was certainly action packed, with pleasant diversity in environments. These included space, prehistoric earth, and snow. Some variation in events, kept things relatively entertaining, although the ending was predictable throughout the movie. The storyline whilst basic, was hugely enriched by well-played characters.

Movie length was restricted effectively, to prevent the mid-parts bearing mundane periods. The introduction was brief, yet varied, and provided enough intrigue to entice viewers into the plot. The storyline was educational in parts, a great feature for a family movie.


The tension building effects were professional, with comedy implemented to finish. Music was utilised for dramatic effect to assist this. Additionally, lighting effects within mist created an aura of mystery at such moments. Switching camera focus and angles in variable locations, was also done well, providing a truly visual spectacle.


Buck featured again, much the same as in “Dawn of the dinosaurs”. Other characters included Sid and his grandma. Plenty of new characters also featured, most with distinct, and often conflicting, personalities. The characters here, were as diverse as they’ve been in the prequels. Whilst certain characters appeared to follow like sheep, others really embodied their personality. They often provided believable, yet funny reactions. Fortunately, none were totally predictable, keeping the plot entertaining, and fresh. Combining tension, with comedy, was particularly good in this movie. This was possibly it’s main USP.

Variation in character viewpoints was well exploited, with plenty of sitcom moments. These were each highly amusing, shown by my lack of “deaf ears” , to any of the jokes posed.

Character colours were highly diverse, and used well to brighten up the settings.


A delightfully humorous edition, of a great family adventure. A little predictable, but not in it’s comedy or characters.

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