Shaken Udder (Salted caramel) Milkshake review. “Lovely and natural, salted caramel flavoured milkshake”- (8.5/10).

The Good

” Medium mouthfeel”.
” Pleasant medium creaminess”.
” Not sickly sweet”.
” Natural tasting”.
” Modest calories for indulgent snack”.
” Cheap”.
” Lovely salted caramel taste”.
” Persistent aftertaste”.

The Bad

” Flavour could’ve been deeper”.
” Tasting was one-dimensional, due to a single flavour”.


The tinchy 330ml plastic bottle was embellished with a rather symbolic image of a cow. The branding immediately caught my eye, much sooner than the Frijj milkshake , standing beside it for the same price. I chose the available salted caramel version, as an impulse buy. Partly due to “something new”, combined with good value at just £1, for the bottle.

I must admit, I was a little concerned that I’d made the wrong choice at first. Me being a bit of a chocoholic, having to go for salted caramel; The sole representative from the range displayed on the shelf.

Once I left Waitrose though, I immediately discovered the impulse was justified, whilst tucking into the product. One that I enjoyed far more than expected. Yes, it may have helped having “any” pleasant tasting drink on a miserable grey day, I hear you cry. A day synonymous with dark prospects and illness. But even with a cold, the taste experience stood out.

The website affirmed, hard work ethic had propelled the product onto multiple supermarket shelves, going mainstream in 2009. I was a little taken aback, since I’d assumed it must have been newer. I mean, I’d never spotted it before.


I usually test drink aroma as well, but I forgot … sorry. As for taste, things remained on a hip and rich, level throughout. A lack of layering was present however, with no real variation in taste sensation, away from salted caramel. That said, the salted caramel taste wasn’t sickly sweet, possessing a “true quality”, and “fulfilling” sensation. This was carried through, balanced perfectly with sufficient sweetness, in a medium-thick body. Sweetness was softened by fluffy clouds of creaminess, not providing anything stodgy, yet holding sufficient flavour and texture, for a drink that could truly be admired.

As for aftertaste, things just remained as salted caramel. Thanks to the non-watery mouthfeel, effects didn’t die off too quickly and persisted well.


A lovely and natural, salted caramel milkshake. One refreshingly free from sickly sweetness, yet providing effective balance between flavour and texture. The medium-body with plenty of creaminess was ideal. There was no variation in taste throughout consumption though. Overall, a pleasant and practical, snack beverage.

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