Fan of Johnny depp or booze ? check out my new Ebook released today !! :

Sidastroll 1- Johnny Depp and the west, just 1.99 for IPad, iPhone, PC or kindle. ( Link at the end of this post !!)
Choose a cider for Johnny Depp and yourself, with our concise West Country cider review compilation, complete with 10 concise reviews, tables for easy reading, and rating’s /10. Reviews feature (Weston’s, Blackthorn and Thatchers) – The most respected Cider producers in Somerset and Herefordshire.

Poems are also innovative, and complement our catchy summaries, used to keep reader attention. Like and comment with your cider choice on the SidaStroll Facebook page here !!! –

Purchase this book for just 1.99, from the link at the end of this post ! Available on Kindle and Kindle app for all devices NOW !!!

Written by the author of Peckingorders, and the reasonedandseasoned blog, for all celebrity and good time fans.

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Thanks for reading, now click the link below please 🙂

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