SidaStroll 1- Johnny Depp and the West – MY new ebook just 1.99 !

Fan of Johnny depp or booze ? check out the new Ebook released today !! : Sidastroll 1- Johnny Depp and the west, just 1.99 for IPad, iPhone, PC or kindle. ( Link at the end of this post !!) Choose a cider for Johnny Depp and yourself, with the concise West Country cider review […]

Blackthorn gold cider (7/10) ” some nice acidity”

Blackthorn gold cider review (7/10) ” not a medium dry but some pleasantly powered acidity” The good “Very pleasant and not overpowering acidity” ” Good value and practical” The bad ” Lack of attributes including dryness, carbonation and sweetness” ” Other than acid no real indication of fruit” Packaging The packaging is a split colour […]