Doomsday movie review ” Thought provoking, yet relaxing , action-packed entertainment- emotions or humour can be found elsewhere though”. – (8.5/10)


Apocalyptic zombie/infection movie from 2008. Released one year prior to zombieland. Zombieland is detailed in my previous blog review. Enjoy. This film however, has twists, turns, corruption and leaves no stone unturned. The ending keeps you guessing till it arrives, and the plot won’t leave the curious mind-numbed. The ebb and flow of the action, keeps you on your toes enough at all times to concentrate for the entire 1hr 50 duration.

There was great setting the scene with clear virus and quarantine themes. The plot was more complex than zombieland but pitched on a more serious level. Action was alternated with silent calm periods well. This allowed for thoughts to be discussed well. The emotions were never heart felt though resulting in a lack of attachment to the characters. This was perhaps due to silence, and emotionless expressions dominating. The plot intensity took a while to build, yet relative to the long movie length, this felt appropriate and well considered. It was a shame that humour also seemed lacking.


The acting was highly enthusiastic and very believable with all character thoughts. The mission was not too obvious and twists and turns unravelled in a tense and exciting way throughout the bulk of the movie. There were a range of personalities. Some loud others quiet and cowardly. The range of settings and environments the characters explored, allowed their abilities to be truly tested and demonstrated. This also permitted interest throughout a rather long movie duration.

The music tension was built up well and appropriately creepy tunes were selected for certain scenes. It was only employed in action to contrast well with calmer scenes.

A well pitched apocalyptic movie with enough uncertainty to unravel in an interesting non predictable way. The film had sufficient action for it’s length and only suffered from a slight lack of humour and emotion. The build up could have been slightly quicker. Strong ending though.

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