Zombie land film review (6/10)


The Zombieland characters were very well played and had their own rather unique personality traits. The plot was clever in terms of maintaining viewer understanding and interest with a lot of action. It included comedy in places and a variety of scenes and personalities to enhance the viewer enjoyment.

 The issue with the plot is for one it was highly predictable, and for a second point it didn’t really have much variation once the story background was understood. This could have benefitted from a better ending and explanation of the cause of the situation shown from the start of the movie.

I would suggest a cliff hanger or better progression to a set point to enhance the film ending. The beginning sets the scene well enough for effective plot understanding however, but as the film goes on, the number of surprises begins to fall dramatically until the fizzle out ending which just isn’t punchy. Don’t let me put you off viewing though as I certainly don’t regret watching and I feel this film is worth 1 and a half hours of any Post-apocalyptic Sci-fi fans’ time.


I would recommend a watch due to the action-packed nature and modest film length to keep the film as an interesting watch as intended. It isn’t hard to predict the ending however, and their aren’t many twists once the backstory is understood.

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