Coco film review – ” Creatively colourful, with some twists and turns. The story was basic until the end though ” (8/10).

Coco is a 2017 Family and Kids genre, 3D computer-animated movie from Pixar studios. One worth a watch 🙂


” Pleasant music and storyline morals”.
” Brilliantly colourful animation”.
” Some unpredictable twists and turns”.
” Captivating plot towards the end”.
” Clear introduction to story”.
” Creative ideas for unique concepts”.


” Storyline a little too basic”.
” Limited hints of ending”.
” Too many twists towards the end”.
” Slow character development”.
” Lack of character diversity”.
” Lack of story progression in the middle”.


The atmosphere was well established through good ideas, resulting in well applied colour, imagery, and settings. The characters moods created tension at times, but more personality would be needed to connect with all the family. The atmosphere shifted well in times of trouble, which was refreshing and invigorating towards the climax. All in all, a good atmosphere for the most part was maintained.


The music was often spritely and happy, encouraging the viewer into the setting. It was a little too refrained during protracted parts though. Towards the end it was used as a true symbol of family, which appeared the intended audience for the film. At this time it was rather appropriate.


The plot was understandable, yet too basic for a whole-family target audience. It had one key idea underpinning the whole film. This idea had good morality, but wasn’t developed enough until close to the end. Therefore the plot was insufficient to provide a great film throughout the entirety, yet provided a solid foundation for a good film.

The characters were well played, with good expressions and emotions. A lack of character development was apparent for too long though. Too much information was revealed towards the end, which could have made slower parts of the film more enjoyable. At this time though, the plot was interesting, the music and colours were good, and even the story’s complexity increased slightly, to a good family audience level. The middle 40 minutes could’ve benefitted from some of this hugely.


The graphics were the highlight. Colour was generously used to draw attention to the beauty of the setting. Colours used, were calm and tranquil, including purples and pinks in the early stages, into a much brighter repertoire, symbolising the excitement in the latter parts of the film.


A greatly colourful film with creative ideas in the latter stages. Some twists and turns before the end, and a clearly understandable plot. Let down by limited character development and a lack of story progression in the middle stages. Overall a film with good morals for the family. One that wasn’t earth shattering though.

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