Creep review ” Creepy, Cunning yet fairly constant” (7/10)

The movie starts in a comforting setting, confusing you as to what is to come. Setting s are ideal throughout, to provide a real heir of tension.
The music is catchy and rhythmic with a creepy undertone. The characters are well played and the movie benefits from a relatable location, with normality as a baseline.
It cleverly builds tension with relationships emphasised at times, yet doesn’t let you know enough about the main characters in my opinion.

The film leaves space for a sequel with certain unanswered questions. The tension building whilst good, would benefit from additional special effects.
In my mind, after the tension is cut, it is never truly reestablished. The scares become repetitive and predictable without any variation except precise location. Whilst you’re encouraged to continue watching out of curiosity, this isn’t out of fear.

Darkness needs to adopt more forms to provide a more satisfying film.
The plot is good though as it is well considered. It makes logical sense and is not overextended, with a fairly minimal film duration.

With limited characters, and some considerable pauses between dramatic events, the film reaches a level and stays there. It would be great to see something more imaginative than the expected. That said worth a watch and a good movie with some level of uniqueness.

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