Days inn Peterborough


“Size, space and lightness of room”.
” powerful clean shower”.
” Yorkshire tea and unbroken tea biscuits”.
” Full range of sweetening options”.
” Friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere”.
” Some eating places nearby”.
” Excellent value”.


” Sink outside bathroom ???”.
” Location miles outside of town”.
” Tea provisions stowed in drawer with biased selection”.
” Stiff light switches”.
” Liquid soap… is it shampoo ??”.
” Slow WIFI”.


The reception area was quite relaxed in decoration, with a few sofas surrounding a table to sit at. The decor was quite chilled. In the upstairs the seated area with televisions, was a nice place to relax. The staff seemed friendly and polite exhibiting helpfulness. There was far more space than in the Leicester reception area. The corridors were far nicer in feel than the Leicester branch, and overall the atmosphere was more luxurious than there. Considering both are Days Inn’s, you’d perhaps not expect this level of variability.
In summary, a relaxed, spacious, and comfortable atmosphere.

Tea provisions

The tea provisions were hidden in a drawer which I didn’t even notice at first, despite it being labelled hospitality. The Days inn, Forest east, Leicester did not have this issue by displaying a tray with these, upon the desk. Once they were located however, they were rather good. The kettle capacity was strong at 1.7 litres, which was equal to the Leicester branch.

The Golden oat crumbles biscuits were very pleasant and not broken as was the case in Leicester. There were sharing issues however due to only a single pack being supplied on arrival. This was not the case in BW hallmark Manchester. The issue was resolved by the second day but this hinted of inconsistent servicing.

Unlike in Leicester, the room was actually made up for 2, rather than 3 guests, which was correct. External kettle measurement dials were simple to read unlike the internal dials exhibited in Double Tree by Hiltons.

The mugs were of adequate size, and 4 tubs of semi-skimmed milk was sufficient for 4 cups of tea. With 6 sachets of Yorkshire tea however, this seemed insufficient.
The sweetening facilities totalled 10, which was okay for 5 cups of standard tea with 2 sugars. This still didn’t match the tea sachet count however. At least they were Yorkshire …
The ratio was odd aswell, with 6 sweetener to 3 white and 1 brown sugar. This meant a rather inconsistent looking service, without much attention paid to this. That said, it was good to have the full spectra of sweetening options. There were 8 coffee sachets; some of which were decaf, showcasing a range of options. In my opinion this should have been equal to tea sachet number in total really though, to prevent bias.

In summary, uneven sweetening sachets were present with a slightly low tea provision count and inconsistent room service. Thumbs up for kettle capacity, tea biscuits and variety of sweetening options though.

Washing and cleaning

The bathroom was a little small and having the sink outside was rather strange. Sufficient towels were supplied; 6 of them equally split between the bathroom and outside Desk/sink teeth-cleaning region. A liquid soap tube was supplied in the shower, with another dispenser displayed by the outside sink. The liquid soap in the shower, gave no indication that this was suited for hair. Better labelling or product selection should be adjusted here.

The shower was powerful and modern in design and operation. I didn’t even need to adjust the temperature as it was already perfect.
There were 2 accessible loo rolls supplied which were a little thin. The bathroom doorlock worked well which was good.


Chilling in your room

The space and size of the room was very good. This highlighted a couple of issues though including TV size. 2 functional keycards were provided rather than the single bulky key of Leicester. It always helps to have 2 assigned, so a thumbs up for that. No sharing issues were encountered because of this 1 per guest system.

Only having 1 chair present in the room wasn’t especially practical between 2 guests, although it did have good comfort levels.

With only 2 available plugs behind the desk, once the kettle and TV had been factored in, the charging facilities did appear highly limited.

There were 6 wooden hangers split between both sides of a large wardrobe which was certainly a good number. The wardrobe was only enhanced with easy-to-slide doors, without the creaky ordeal experienced in BW hallmark Manchester.

The mirrors attached to this, and on the adjacent desk were very clean and definitely large enough for effective self-reflection. Possibly one of the best mirror arrays I have seen. Having a drawer labelled “hairdryer” was very useful at indicating it’s contents, and drawer storage space was also quite good. 4 reasonably sized drawers with 2 storage compartments beneath were provided.

Having a kettle in the hospitality drawer didn’t help with desk space though, since it was unusable here without any plugs nearby anyway. False economy there …

WIFI was quick and easy to connect to ,as in the Leicester branch, and again did not require any login information whatsoever. Fantastic ! It did struggle with rapid master chef downloads however.

4 plug sockets in total did seem a little limited for charging also.

TV was of very small size. Even before the large room size was considered, but had a reliable signal at least. Picture quality wasn’t great and the proportion to the room also made this issue even worse. The rooms’ large size was good. It did smell of damp on entry a little however, which is never good, despite a seemingly functional extractor fan. This issue hadn’t surfaced previously since the Roundhouse of Bournemouth.


At £41 pounds per night the room price for the atmosphere and space provided was very good. It was a world away from the Days inn Leicester making this nice value.
Hotel menu prices were not checked but the same assumption of reasonable value could be made, as was the case in Leicester. This was listed at £46 suggesting much better value for money here.

Customer service

Customer service was there when needed, yet not imposing throughout. The room was serviced when we were out at work and was left in a good state as a result, without guest disturbances. Staff seemed friendly and casual. No unnecessary login information was disseminated, yet I was given instructions on how to reach my room which were easy to interpret.


A rather spacious, oddly serviced room with inconsistent tea supplies, sinks outside the bathroom and tea provisions in a hospitality drawer. Rather quirky yet borderline odd.

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