Cowbelle Lush Chocolate Fudge flavour milk review “Thoroughly indulgent and sweet, fudge-flavoured milkshake”. – (7.5/10)

The Good

“Cheap as chips”.
“Practical carton to carry”.
“Natural fudge flavour”.
“Not sickly sweet”.
“Very smooth”.
“Well balanced”.
“Lasting natural aftertaste”.
“Delightful fudge, smell”.
” Indulgent”.
“Clever mouthfeel”.

The Bad

“Lack of complexity or taste variation”.
“No chocolate in taste”.
“Dull packaging”.
“No detectable website”.
“Calorie dense”.


With no sickliness, and a bouncy cushion of creaminess greeting my palette, my first ever milkshake review of “Shaken udder”, went rather well.
This shunted the rating up to (8.5/10).

It therefore piles the pressure on here for review … 2 !

Shaken udder was also good value at just £1, for the bottle. Fortunately though, things were even better here, at just 85 pence for the litre. Only 330ml was provided by Shaken udder for the pound, suggesting about 3 times the cost of this shake.

The packaging here was a little tame though, and didn’t stand out. It resonated more with me after exploring deeper though. I can’t say the packaging was ugly, but it certainly didn’t shout good quality.

When you do delve deeper though ?

It had some health information ! Particularly significant, as many smoothies make no health claims at all. This product is a milkshake and designed to be “yummy” in flavour, not healthy, yet remarkably it had more health information than many smoothies targeted at the health conscious consumer.

In this way, the carton detailed: Protein, Vitamin B12, Calcium, less than 5% added sugar, and “Nothing artificial”, as well as “only” using British milk. Clearly an attempt has been made to consider food miles and the environment. This further enhances motivation for the consumer, to believe the drink will provide some health benefits.

You only have to turn the carton, to reveal the reported benefit of calcium for the “maintenance of normal bones”. From a little research, the B12 vitamin present may help with brain function and your circulation too.

Still, some carrageenan is present as a thickening agent, which has been linked to inflammation of the gut. This is controversial though, and evidence is mixed, so I’d suggest not to worry at this time until further research becomes available.

Health, actually wasn’t the reason I selected the drink, but more because “chocolate fudge”, sounded too irresistible to ignore as a flavour sensation. The branding therefore, surprised me in a pretty good way. It could be more vibrant, but did provide some meaningful information.

So how about the story then ?

Well again, no backstory was detailed on the carton, which was a little disappointing. The only consumption expectations established could be “Chocolate fudge taste”, and “Yummy”, leaving a lot unanswered unfortunately. With no company website online, these questions are still posed.

Bit of a shame really …

Still, let’s see if the sampling improves things.


A natural waft of fudge emerged immediately, whispering “Subtle fudge”, throughout.
On pouring, this scent became sweeter, and didn’t fade away. On each inhalation, it never seemed overpowering though, perhaps agreeing with the “Natural”, assertions made on the bottles’ carton. It was rather pleasant, and encouraged me to taste.


On first sip, it was clear to see the mouthfeel was far from syrupy. It was a tad thin, but provided a real fudge flavour. The taste was extremely smooth, drifting out on the aftertaste. It didn’t change in feel or flavour, before it vanished. You barely knew when it had gone. Having said that, it did rest on the palette for a while, providing a very satisfying experience. The aftertaste was natural fudge with sweetness.
The sweetness was refrained from sickliness, due to the thin mouthfeel. This appeared a clever aspect. For a solely fudge-flavoured drink, the experience was well-balanced.

A criticism, would be the lack of chocolate elements to the taste. This would certainly be expected when it says “chocolate”, on the front of the bottle.

The drink, whilst pleasant, wasn’t too filling, even after a few sips. Fortunately though, it was rich enough for an indulgent treat. This indulgence was provided from a very prominent fudge taste, one embedded, in a “well-balanced” and “non-overpowering”, aura. Very clever then, and rather magical.


A thoroughly indulgent, and “sweet-fudge”, flavoured milkshake. The mouthfeel was slightly thin, but assisted balance. A bit heavy, and one-dimensional though.

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