Playa park hotel review – (Room 315) (7.5/10)

” Great onsite facilities including pools, self service restaurant, pleasant landscaping and a gym”.
” Friendly and helpful staff which made my stay thoroughly enjoyable”.
” Plenty to do and a great local area for shopping and the beach all just a walk away”.
” Weather was hot, yet bearable and consistently good”.
” Clean room and slick service”.

” Dodgy WIFI which had to be logged into every time”.
” Bed not made and sheets just left folded”.
” No cider included and a lack of lager choices”.


The atmosphere was consistently relaxed with a fairly consistent music playlist throughout the day and evening. The pool and weather were ideal for sun bathing and relaxation. The outside courtyard area complete with sun beds, music, bar area shaded and sunny seating provided a picturesque and ideal setting for relaxing. Parents could relax while children enjoyed the table tennis table or enjoyed a dip in the pool.

Staff all seemed fairly attentive and friendly and the restaurant service was seamless. The free bar drinks and buffet style dining catered for most palettes including health options for the more health conscious. Food quality was variable although the bread, variety of meats and diverse selection were key strengths.

Tea provisions

Tea was supplied at the allotted breakfast times with options for green or breakfast. Hot milk was supplied. For the room, a kettle was provided with just 1 litre capacity. This was a little small and impractical although having hot water on tap at mealtimes made up for this.

In general, the drinks available were diverse and catered for almost all tastes. It was great having free cocktails in the evening which were made skilfully and professionally. The choice on offer had a range of options including the popular “sex on the beach” as well as blue lagoon and tequila sunrise. The Pina colada and local Playa park cocktails were also nice.

The range of diet or sugar free drinks however was limited to water or Diet Coke which seemed a little restrictive for a relaxing holiday.

These were included in the all inclusive for every afternoon which was very pleasant which we got a lot of use from, at and between mealtimes.

Community areas

The pool was kept clean first thing every morning to minimise disruption and all walkways seemed clear. The restaurant was mostly clean if the cutlery tray seemed a little sticky on one occasion.

For the more adventurous table tennis, a squash court and small gym were available for use which was good. The stairwells to the rooms were tiled and suitable for barefoot walking.

The bar area had pool tables and social seating as well as a few arcade machines. The venue was very open yet compact and easy to negotiate which was very appealing.
The restaurant was of pleasant size with a good presentation of mains and desserts inside to allow space for many guests to simultaneously select and serve catering options.

The sun bed number outside was mostly sufficient although they were all taken on occasion suggesting a few more would be pleasant.

The gym was quite primitive with creaky equipment and an air con system which did not seem to work. This made me very hot within a short time on the cycle machine. The treadmill worked better and didn’t suffer from data inaccuracies and the creaking sound.
There was however a multitude of settings on the machines which if they were explained could make the experience better quality. TV’s were in the gym which played music to accompany your workout which was good.

As it stands, swimming in the outside pool or table tennis appeared to be the best forms of exercise on site for keeping cool. Air conditioning would have made the gym far more useful.


At around 800 euros for a 7 day stay per guest, the price was great considering transport, food and a great location was provided. Nothing was a problem. The coach transfer was quick and efficient with only a slight departure delay. The Thomas cook airline was pleasant with a few good travel magazines to read. The pilot landed very softly which was great. The place did seem good value although I had not previously stayed in an all inclusive.

Washing and cleaning

The shower worked well with a lever style on switch for pressure which could be easily rotated to adjust temperature. Whilst it wasn’t the most sensitive, accurate or powerful as seen perhaps at Double tree by Hilton in Lincoln, it was sufficient and serviced to cleanliness. Plenty of towels were provided between the 3 of us.

There was no hairdryer provided which was a little disappointing although in the heat this was not strictly necessary.

Chilling in your room

My sofa bed was of moderate comfort despite on arrival a lack of obvious indication that it was geared up as a bed at all. The staff could have moved the back cushions to clear more space for sheets and placed some there ready for myself to sleep.
Once set up and the cushions were removed it was reasonably comfortable and of adequate size for one guest. So much so that the only difficulty sleeping I had was due to the music outside which continued to play till late at the bar.

The evening entertainment was great with disco lights and announcer for those outside having fun but the room could be soundproofed a little better perhaps so that this didn’t cause disruption to my sleep. That said this was only a very minor issue with the atmosphere making up for this considerably.

When relaxing I enjoy watching online programs and listening to music. My music had a significant level of wifi interruption and the logging on with password reentry every single time was repetitive and a little tedious. That said free wifi which was unlimited was a good thing and appreciated by myself and other members of the family.

One wardrobe between the 3 of us was okay considering generous drawer space. that the 8 hangers provided was definitely a good number compared to other places I had previously stayed at.

Adapters for plug sockets could have been offered especially since these are necessary for U.K. gadgets to be charged. I understand this is not an issue for locals but for a holiday resort this could be considered. The number of plugs was just about sufficient although a couple extra in the lounge area would have been welcomed.

Customer service

The receptionists gave accurate directions to the gym and our room which was great. They were polite and enthusiastic with a real passion shown by their voice. Our stay was very welcomed despite being unaccustomed to the Spanish language except the odd “Gracias”.

This was very pleasant and I could not fault the speed at which plates were cleared in the restaurant at mealtimes or the consistency of food and drinks provided in the all inclusive. I never felt without anything … Perhaps if I was being critical a few more diet drink choices as well as diet cola and wine on tap at the bar in addition to the restaurant would have improved things.

For my taste in alcohol, San Miguel with no options for cider or other lagers meant I was left without my usual choice. Bar staff were generous with cocktails and I felt at ease when ordering which was great.


A great service and range of facilities provided. Plenty of food choice and opportunity for family fun. Fitness activities could be enhanced and broadened and TV could have been better with signal and range of channels. As a clean, family friendly, relaxing holiday resort though it seemed idyllic.

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