Maeloc Sidra Seca “dry”-“Costly, fruity non-dry with tang but no balance” – (8/10)

Maeloc Sidra seca dry review ( 8/10) ” Costly, fruity with tangy sharpness lacking balance or dryness”. The Good ” Lovely, natural and fruity flavour”. ” Subtle, yet effective branding”. ” Great natural tang with sharpness”. ” Full-bodied and complex”. ” Exciting and different”. The Bad ” Tang overpowering for fruity flavour”. ” Lacking carbonation”. […]

Hestons’ Waitrose spiced mulled cider (7.5/10) ” Unique, punchy and spicy alcohol”.

Heston from Waitrose spiced mulled cider review (8.5/10) as alcohol (7.5/10) as cider “Unique, punchy, spicy alcohol. maybe a cider”. The Good “Pleasant warming tang and punchy spicy smell”. ” Great value and branding”. ” Full-bodied as necessary with strong flavour”. ” Pleasantly warming and spicy taste”. The Bad ” Lack of carbonation or sweetness”. […]

Aspall Suffolk organic cyder review (8/10)

Aspall Suffolk organic cyder review (8/10) ” Practical with tang, yet unbalanced and simple”. The Good ” Great backstory from the website”. ” Clear expectations for taste and sampling”. ” Practical with good value”. ” Smooth and natural smell”. ” Quite full-bodied with subtle carbonation”. ” Pleasant and punchy tang”. The Bad ” Not enough […]

Double tree by Hilton Lincoln (8.5/10) ” Spacious and clean with good facilities”.

Double tree by Hilton hotel review – ( Room 408) (8.5/10) ” Spacious and clean with good facilities”. Good ” Complementary cookie”. ” Comfortable and spacious room”. ” Great-sized TV and reliable Wifi”. ” Easy quick walking access to high street and train station”. ” Iron and board provided” . Bad ” No hairdryer in […]

Henry Westons’ ” Medium dry” oak aged vintage 2016 – (8.25/10)

Henry Westons “Medium-dry” oak aged vintage cider 2016 (8.25/10) The Good ” Great value and distinctive branding”. ” Pleasant warming aftertaste and carbonation”. ” Full-bodied with an enjoyable tang”. ” Balanced drink without astringency”. The Bad ” Lack of fruity flavour and sweetness”. ” Not medium dry as described”. ” Lack of blurb or backstory”. […]

Sxollie golden delicious monovarietal cider ” Hip, sweet and fruity, if expensive”. – (8.5/10)

Sxollie cider -( Mono varietal golden delicious) review (8.5/10) ” Sweet, hip, fruity but expensive”. The Good ” Brilliant branding and logo with (urban meets rural) “. ” Natural, fruity and sweet flavour”. ” Well balanced carbonation with subtle acidity”. ” Full-bodied drink”. ” Good bottle design”. The Bad ” Costly to achieve close to […]

Westons’ scrumpy cloudy cider ” Fruity and tangy without dryness or branding”. – (7.5/10)

Westons’ Scrumpy cloudy cider review (7.5/10) The Good ” Great level of tangy acidity”. ” Pleasant full bodied and strong flavour”. ” Natural and fruity taste”. ” Great value” The Bad ” Not enough carbonation”. ” Astringency in the aftertaste”. ” No dryness as is claimed”. ” Sweetness a little lacking”. ” Average branding”. Packaging […]

The Mountford hotel (Room 29) (8/10) – “Luxurious and clean stay with a few impracticalities”.

  The Mountford hotel (Room 29) (8/10) The Good “Spacious room and comfortable bed”. “Generous tea supplies”. “Great value and well-humoured staff”. The Bad ” Lack of milk, tea bag or sweetener options”. ” Stern staff and technologically basic setting”. ” Why is the WIFI password not in the room manual?”. “Slippery bathroom floor with […]