Berry Set Go !! Smoothie review – “A bit too watery” (6.25/10).  

Berry Set Go !! Smoothie review – “A bit too watery” (6.25/10).  The Good  “Natural and fresh smell”. “Natural flavour throughout”. “Fruity and tangy aftertaste”. “Reasonable flavour strength”. “Smooth and tangy taste”. “Session-able”. “Taste quite fruity”. “Developing fruity tang”. The Bad  “Not fully balanced”.  “Unclear brand message”. “Bland branding”. “Mouthfeel too thin”. “Weak smell”. “Taste […]


Invigorate smoothie (8.75/10) – “Good branding, good flavour”.

Invigorate smoothie (8.75/10) – “Good branding, good flavour“.  The Good  “Brand message is good, with accurate nutrition facts to support”. “Clear and visually appealing packaging”. “Natural smell”. “Nice fruity flavour”. “Ideal subtle tang”. “Moderate mouthfeel”. “Flavour balanced throughout”. “Good level of natural sweetness”. “Initially good aftertaste”. “Natural taste throughout”. “Aftertaste lasted well”. “Relatively affordable”. The […]


 The Hunt Horror (2020)  “Odd opening, but clarity and excitement by the finale”.  – (7.5/10). 

Intro  Our Horror posts are back with The Hunt. The Hunt is a 2020 (Horror/Action/Thriller) movie.  Impact  The Hunt began with a slightly odd scene, which didn’t feature anything particularly scary or Horror-related. The opening was therefore a little underwhelming, until gore began to feature more frequently. Tension-building was rather absent at times, but this […]


Energise smoothie review (9.0/10) – “Tastes similar to more expensive drinks”.

Energise smoothie review (9.0/10) – “Tastes similar to more expensive drinks”. The Good  “Pleasant smell”. “Tastes similar to more expensive drinks”.  “Well balanced”. “Natural fruity flavour”.  “Quite affordable”.  “Sufficient sweetness to balance”.  “Acidity not overpowering”.  “Pleasant fruity aftertaste”. “1 of your 5 a day”. “Session-able”. “Smooth taste and aftertaste”. The Bad  “Not full-flavoured”. “Mouthfeel a […]