Clacton visit and my Crystal clear Clacton greetings card collection (Summer 2019)- 15th April 2019

Hey blog readers !! Today I went to virtually the driest location in the UK, with a brand new pier renovation project developing the Clacton pier into a commercial hub. Fortunately this hasn’t blotted the tremendous beauty of the seaside there.

I encourage you to witness this for yourself. For a lunchtime visit, the town is very pleasant for fresh fish and chips.

Check out my greetings cards on red bubble with my new Clacton collection below:

My Crystal clear Clacton collection (Summer 2019) –

“Send back the perfect memento of pier and coastal adventures, with my brand new Clacton image collection. These photos were precision-taken along the seafront and have been hand-edited, providing displays which capture the true joy of the seaside. Please acquire a card, favourite, comment, and follow my red bubble profile for regular updates too.”

For MY Stunning Seaside greetings cards (2019)
CLICK HERE×6&cat_context=all-departments&grid_pos=2&p=greeting-card&rbs=a4a94edd-71c6-433c-a657-6c097b8d6bd2&ref=shop_grid&searchTerm=Clacton%20gardens&asc=u

Later this week and my designs – introduction

All designs have been edited by myself today with my own distinctive eye. Feel free to leave me feedback. At under 2.00, what isn’t to love ? ( link 1 below)

If not, I encourage you to stay tuned for more reviews this week and to check out my cider rating ebook focusing on rating ciders from the West Country. This recently sold it’s first copy which I am very pleased about. (Link 2)

For MY Stunning Seaside greetings cards (2019) Link 1:×6&cat_context=all-departments&grid_pos=2&p=greeting-card&rbs=a4a94edd-71c6-433c-a657-6c097b8d6bd2&ref=shop_grid&searchTerm=Clacton%20gardens&asc=u

For my cider rating ebook Link 2:


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