Thatchers old Rascal ” Not a cheap dry but a full bodied guy” (7.5/10)

Thatchers old Rascal cider review (7.5/10) The Good ” Full bodied feel as advertised without a watery nature.” ” Pleasant fruity flavour and sweetness.” ” Well balanced carbonation.” The Bad ” Not quite tangy enough to convince of the acidity desired.” ” A little pricey for the product and not 100% practical.” ” Dryness not […]

Blackthorn gold cider (7/10) ” some nice acidity”

Blackthorn gold cider review (7/10) ” not a medium dry but some pleasantly powered acidity” The good “Very pleasant and not overpowering acidity” ” Good value and practical” The bad ” Lack of attributes including dryness, carbonation and sweetness” ” Other than acid no real indication of fruit” Packaging The packaging is a split colour […]

Thatchers Oak aged vintage 2016 (7.5/10) “Smooth and tangy quality”

Thatchers oak aged vintage 2016 review (7.5/10) ” Good value and well branded”. ” Smooth, and not too subtle medium dry”. ” Tangy with subtle carbonation”. ” In need of a little more Apple sweetness and carbonation”. ” Not to my taste but good at what it should be”. Packaging Quite a formal, elaborate and […]

Bulmers original premium cider review (7/10)

Bulmers original premier cider review (7.0/10) ” Quite practical, with the selling points of a particularly tangy appleade. Not unpleasant but lacking the key aspects of a good mature cider without much sweetness to compensate.” Packaging Our story begins with a co-founder named Fred who apparently cycled 500 miles in 7 days. This purportedly was […]