#9 Torquay backpackers hostel review (7/10)- “A spacious hostel that attempts to appear homely. It has good facilities and potential”.

Torquay backpackers hostel review ( 7/10) “A spacious, hostel that attempts to appear homely”. The atmosphere From the outset the atmosphere was a little closed. There were clearly people living there who seemed like they had been there forever. It was difficult therefore to integrate effectively into their milieu. The hostel was a little dark […]

#3 Igloo backpackers hostel Nottingham 6 person dorm review – “Attempting to be organised and Eco-friendly, missing practical elements”- (5/10).

Igloo  hostel Nottingham review ( barn 6 man) (5/10) The atmosphere There was a positive atmosphere from the outset in the communal kitchen with a vibrant board of discounts and local places. There were also helpful labels on food items in kitchen cupboards. Co-residents were polite so plenty of socialisation and friend making could take […]