#26 Stowford press cans ” Subtle tang and acidity with a yeasty scent” (7.5/10)

Smell Stowford press cider review (7.5/10) The Good “Pleasant , yet subtle tang and acidity level with a smooth yeasty scent”” Subtle, yet lingering fruit aftertaste”” Sweetness was adequate, yet not overwhelming”” Pleasant, fruity and sweet flavour “” Slightly watery to balance the sweetness and acidity” The Bad ” Not as dry as described, yet […]

#22 Henney’s Herefordshire vintage still cider 2015 (7/10) ” Warming, sweet smelling but boring”

Henney’s Herefordshire Vintage still cider 2015 ( 7/10) ” Great medium-dry warming aftertaste with a fruity and acidy smell”” No sweetness, carbonation, fruity or acidy taste”” The taste was dominated by water which was a shame”” A smooth drinking cider with no drama … A little dull” Packaging At 6.5% volume the cider is strong […]

#19 Bulmers original premium cider review (7/10)

Bulmers original premier cider review (7.0/10) ” Quite practical, with the selling points of a particularly tangy appleade. Not unpleasant but lacking the key aspects of a good mature cider without much sweetness to compensate.” Packaging Our story begins with a co-founder named Fred who apparently cycled 500 miles in 7 days. This purportedly was […]

#6 Premium vintage cider 2015 from Herefordshire by Jonathan Blair – “moderately acidic, pleasantly effervescent golden dry cider” ( H. Weston and sons) review (6.5/10).

Premium vintage cider 2015 from Herefordshire by Jonathan Blair ( H. Weston and sons) review (6.5/10) Packaging The black label contrasts with the white text beautifully with a subtle gold to match the amber hue of the fluid. The font is traditional to match the vintage theme. On the corner is the bit that gets […]