#162 Angioletti Vero Sidro Italiano Riserva (9.5/10) – “Floral, Tangy and Bitter. Perrrfecto !”

  Festive cider reviews by Reaseaorg.Celebrate Christmas with Angioletti Riserva cider !!! The Good “Good value”.“Practical”.“Good bottle design”.“Light carbonation”.“Natural taste and aftertaste”.“Confident tang”.“Bursting with natural sweetness”.“Very session-able”.“Thin to medium mouthfeel”.“Not sickly”.“Full flavoured”.“Good all rounder”.“Lasting, tangy aftertaste”.“Unique floral freshness, with bitter twist”. The Bad “No bottle backstory”.“No dryness, which was promised”.“Boring colour scheme on bottle”. Packaging […]

#134 Angioletti Secco cider review. (8.25/10)- Strong performer in refreshing nature. Could have used some dryness and uniqueness though.

Angioletti Secco cider review. (8.25/10)- Strong performer in refreshing nature.Could have used some dryness and uniqueness though. The Good “Subtle natural sweetness”.“Light carbonation as promised”.“Naturally tangy body”.“Lasting tangy aftertaste”.“Pleasant natural smell”.“Nicely balanced”.“Smooth taste”.“Full flavoured”.“Classy bottle colour scheme”.“Branding nicely consistent with taste”. The Bad “Only medium mouthfeel”.“Nothing particularly unique”.“No dryness – promised though”.“Expensive”.“Impractical”.“Too rich for a […]