Westons’ scrumpy cloudy cider ” Fruity and tangy without dryness or branding”. – (7.5/10)

Westons’ Scrumpy cloudy cider review (7.5/10) The Good ” Great level of tangy acidity”. ” Pleasant full bodied and strong flavour”. ” Natural and fruity taste”. ” Great value” The Bad ” Not enough carbonation”. ” Astringency in the aftertaste”. ” No dryness as is claimed”. ” Sweetness a little lacking”. ” Average branding”. Packaging […]

Twisted tree vintage cider (7.5/10) “Mature and complex yet not sweet or fruity”

Twisted tree vintage cider review (7.5/10) ” Mature and complex but not sweet or fruity” The Good ” Mature and complex”. ” Medium-dry as advertised and full bodied”. ” Pleasantly carbonated”. The Bad ” Limited acidity and tang”. ” Not enough sweetness or fruitiness”. ” Not the cheapest for a canned cider”. Packaging A rather […]