#317 Joyride Horror movies (1-3) – Which is Best?

“For the Horror fan… Watch the first 2 films, then consider starting the 3rd.”. Why you should read? For a truly scary movie involving stalking and gore, which Joyride is worth a watch? Read on to find out… Introduction: Having seen so much interest in my 3rd Joyride movie review, posted several weeks ago (Sources […]

#315 Smoothie review – Innocent Blue spark (Tesco)- “Natural and full-flavoured, yet harsh in places … – (8.75/10).

Why should you read? In a rush, what should I have for lunch? … Hmm … You see the sandwich section. Low cost offers … Yes please… You grab a filling sandwich. You sneak a chocolate bar into your basket … You then pause … Coffee? Pepsi? How about a smoothie? … But which one? […]

#314 Red bubble greetings -Ben Hattrell gift-cards

Red bubble greetings -Ben Hattrell gift-cards Introduction Buy YOUR Greetings and Christmas cards, and much more to support us here → Ben Hattrell Shop | Redbubble ← Under £2! Why you should read? Looking for the perfect card featuring an English countryside or coastal image, for your dearest friend or relative… Trying to save pennies […]

#312 Joy Ride 3: Road Kill (2014) movie – “Good sound effects and camerawork, lacking deeper fear factor though” – (6.0/10).

Joy Ride 3: Road Kill (2014) movie – “Good sound effects and camerawork, lacking deeper fear factor though” – (6.0/10). Why you should read? Looking for the perfect Halloween highway chase, with violence and aggression? Look no further … The Good “Gory sound effects”. “Moderate viewer anticipation”. “Contrasting sounds, reflecting emotions”. “Vulnerability well emphasised”. “Sense […]

#311 The English Teacher 2013 movie review (10/10) –

“Delightfully pitched romantic comedy, which warms every fibre of my being”. Why you should read? Feeling lonely and hoping desperately to meet the one.. This film is for you … The Good  “Challenging societal norms”. “Romance”. “Well-narrated comedy”. “Frequent setting changes”. “Relatable”. “Innovative”. “Inspiring”. “Character emotions well played”. The Bad  Can’t think of any … […]

#310 Sandford Orchards Devon Red cider review (6.5/10).

– “Natural with good branding. Lacking character and strength”. [Why you should read …Ever wondered how good the cider is from Devon? Read on to find out …]. (Please note: Cold virus present when sampling). The Good “Strong branding”. “Moderate carbonation”. “Natural flavour and smell”. “Not unpleasant”. “Well balanced”. “Session-able”. The Bad “Lacking sweetness”. “Lacking […]

#309 Tillington Hills Premium Dry Cider (Co-op) review – “Unbalanced, yet characterful, dry”- (8.5/10).

Why you should read: Visited the co-op recently, and wondered if Tillington hills cider is worth a try? Then look no further … The Good “Natural flavour”. “Unique dryness sensation”. “Strong dryness as promised”. “Reasonable value”. “Taste not overpowering”. “Practical”. “Good quality bottle design”. “Some character in smell”. “Character present, as indicated”. “Some bitterness”. “Characterful […]