Content and origin

My reviews are all written and proofread to ensure high quality reading material is produced.

Topics include accommodation, films, alcohol and other things which I find interesting. I was inspired to begin blogging by who made me realise how easy and fun it may be to begin blogging online.

I hope to get a reader soon so congratulations if you are reading this as it’s probably you.


My content largely reflects who I am and my interests and is hopefully varied enough to cater for a range of audiences.

I am a graduate from the university of Worcester who loves to explore and find new interesting things and investigate them. Since my degree is in science I am analytical and love delving into juicy details to provide a useful analysis for you guys.

I try to keep things interesting to keep you following along. For queries visit the contact tab (see above). I Look forward to hearing from you if you manage to reach the end or at least part way through one of my Posts …